“We are a diverse network of volunteers – A community of passionate individuals dedicating our time, resources, effort, and skills to serve humanity, environment, and animal welfare”.

1. Pre-event meeting (for new volunteers)
2. Participation in the activities
3. Payment for the participation cost

Photo Regulation:
1. NO photo shooting or video recording.

1. No fundraising or crowdfunding before and after visits.
2. No donation box request (we don’t have any, please ask the organization)
3. No proposals will be accepted involving any travel agencies both local and international

– These regulations were created as it was an observed behavior from some previous volunteers who joined the events. People signed-up, meet and later bailed out on the day so we now require the fee if their participation is confirmed at the pre-event meeting.

– A volunteer must participate in the activities assigned to him/her. This will be advised by the organizer on the pre-event meeting or thru email.

– Several volunteers shared their photos with the children publicly on their social networks. Please be reminded that these children have issues and their identity needs to be protected to avoid recognition that might eventually cause any discrimination. A photo of a sick or underprivileged  child won’t make anyone a better person especially those who seek self worth, social acceptance or money. It is purely exploitation.

– We don’t provide any donation box, nor support, any fundraising or crowdfunding activities for the organization (unless they asked for it, hence all these years it never happened). There were several groups who previously organized fundraising events for Baan Gerda, asked for money pledges and the organization had no single idea of these activities. If anyone wishes to support Baan Gerda, it will be highly appreciated of course, but please be decent enough to let them know about it.

– Bangkok Volunteers’ visit to Baan Gerda is NOT a sight-seeing tour, so we don’t entertain any travel agents, local and abroad, and please do not make any recommendations as well with your friends referring our group.

– We support the organization in providing learning, talent discovering & building or anything that the organization approved, like outdoor travels and volunteering. All these years our activities were mutually agreed and observed with caution, so we hope you’ll understand if we impose such rules in the group.

We’re always OPEN to newbies to join, simply sign-up on the RSVP or do not hesitate to message me ahead of time.

NOTE: Baan Gerda is not really accepting volunteers, our support to the organization were established more than 6 years from now and out of mutual trust and loyalty. For reference, please visit this LINK

Thank you very much for your understanding.