Baan Gerda (Children's Charity) **Core Initiative**

  • Innovative and interactive learning on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • English Mentoring, composition and tournament
  • Arts - Singing, Dancing, Drawing and Drama Presentation
  • Health related - Yoga, Running
  • Day out volunteering, leisure

Baandinthai (Environment preservation/conservation, Building)

  • Coral Reef Restoration
  • Mangrove Restoration
  • Sea Turtle home and beach cleaning
  • Seedbomb, Check dam building and Mineral Lick
  • Brain Based Learning (School Painting)
  • Cob Shelter building

Paper Ranger (Environment preservation/conservation, Children's charity)

  • Notebook Making

Rubber Band Exercise (For sick, disabled and children's charity)

  • DIY Physical therapy tool made of rubber bands

Thai Volunteer Service (Arts for fundraising)

  • Jar decoration for emergency fund
  • T-shirt painting
  • Bag Painting

Bring the Elephant Home (Preserving and conserving the habitat of Wild Elephants in Thailand)

  • Check dam building and tree planting

Elephants World (Support to Elephant sanctuary)

  • Day trip to prepare and cook food for elephants and bathing'

Morn Arsa/Krit Arsa (Wildlife and Dog/Cat facility support)

  • Preparing food, feeding and bathing dogs and cats in Thailand
  • Wildlife facility cleanup, preparing and feeding captive/trafficked wild animals (tiger, bears, foxes, monkeys)
  • Crab condo building
  • Beach cleanup

Operation Smile Thailand (Children's Charity, fundraising to support children with cleft pallets)

  • Various activities


NOTE: Fees vary per activities, ranging from Baht 300-2,500

If you believe your time is worth enough and not willing to spare any amount to participate, you can try the organizations below:


If you still won't spare a fee to participate and couldn't commit to make time to support, we still have something for you below:

The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World