A very exclusive and limited trip, yet every visit with them is an effort made and shared by the volunteers who participated. We design the concept from discovering their skills in arts, learning their ambitions in life spiced with singing and english competitions. The upcoming trips will focus mostly on motivations, craftsmanship/ skills and knowledge sharing particularly on the teenagers who will leave the place and prepare themselves to work and be self-sufficient. Well of course the fun and games will always be there to fill everyone's day.

Spending few hours with the children/teens of Baan Gerda is one experience nobody will forget. We make time to see them not as an ordinary orphans who needs an everyday donation to survive, but as friends who needs acceptance and support against stigma and discrimination.

Website: http://www.baangerda.org

A local NGO holding regular volunteering activities from mangrove planting, check dam/cob shelter making and coral reef restoration. Baan is a thai term for "house" and Din means "soil", the organization is running for several years providing structured activities and working along with thai government and its attached agencies.

Completely grassroot in its nature, volunteering with the organization takes you to the real feel of Thailand, its people and the places. Events concocted with learning, skills sharing and fun makes every events very interesting indeed !!

Website: http://www.baandinthai.com

If you want to spend a very productive Sunday making recycled notebooks out of used A4 paper, in the company of like-minded people with an intention of preserving the environment, then come and spend a day with us!

Fun is embeded from folding the paper, punching the holes, binding the sheets and if you want to show-off the "Picasso" in you, sketch on the notebooks too!

Website: http://www.paperranger.org/

An initiative started by an Ajarn Dr. Maytee Thammawattana from Burapha University benefiting elderly people/monks and a physical therapy for patients. It has 19 models and serves the elderly people in nursing home and ischemic patients with problems with their legs, shoulders, arms, hands and fingers.


Check their facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/RubberBands2013

Established in October 2012 by a pair of lifelong musicians — Geraldine “Gigi” Nemrod, a French resident of Bangkok, and Siriporn “Amm” Pomwong, a Thai native — KTMP is a non-profit organization born out of a passion to create positive social change through music.

Inspired by the Playing for Change (PFC) movement and related Playing for Change foundation (PFCF), Gigi and Amm began by arranging music lessons for underprivileged kids in Khlong Toey. Soon after, PFCF offered its support, and in June 2013, KTMP became the 9th music program to be officially endorsed by Playing For Change Foundation. Today KTMP relies on financial support from PFCF as well as private donations.

Website: http://khlongtoeymusicprogram.com/

Thai Volunteer Service (TVS) began in 1980. We used a small classroom of Social Research Institute in Chulalongkorn University as our office for the Thai Volunteer Service Project. The place gradually became too small to accommodate young leaders from various universities throughout Thailand. As during 1980s, it was the changing period not only for Thailand, but also different countries around the globe. University students were eager to come and participate in discussion about democracy and social change.

Website: http://www.thaivolunteer.org

Another local NGO organizing environmental conservation and preservation within Thailand. Famous for their Seed Bomb Project initiative, a new method of tree planting using sling shots

Website: http://www.อาสาสมัคร.com

The first activity with the Organization started 6 years ago with their check dam making and tree planting in Salakpra Wildlife conservation forest and Erawan Nature Park. The forests are haven for wild Elephants and the Organization is preserving the habitat to reduce human and animal conflict when the dry season strike the year. They create check dams to store water for the elephants and trees as their food.

Website: http://www.bring-the-elephant-home.org/en/

A day visit of structured activities taking care some retired elephants (one baby is included too!), from preparing and cooking their food, cutting banana trees, feeding and also bathing them is one wonderful experience a volunteer (or a tourist) will never forget. Located in a remote sanctuary where every visitors can walk and mingle among the elephants, surrounded by fantastic landscape of mountains, trees and a river, this is one trip everyone should try!

Website: http://elephantsworld.org/