Kwentong Yagit (Street Kid’s Story) was formed in 2017 when a group of hikers decided to conquer the majestic mountain in Tanay Rizal, Nagpatong Rock, under the leadership of Chin Galman, who is now the proprietor of the Facebook Page.

“Kwentong Yagit/Yagit Traveller” which has now 7.8k followers. The group’s name was formed for every hiker’s simplest reason. After the hardest climb, the only thing left is a tired physical body, looking like rubbish or a street kid. That’s why Chin named the group “YAGIT” in English rubbish or Street Kid. The group’s main purpose was to bring back what Mother Nature offers. In most of our events, we always see that not only the guests but also the locals and nature will benefit. We do have tree plantings and gift-giving for the locals. Yagit wins the hearts of our guests. Most of them are generous enough to donate toys, slippers, food, and sometimes medicines, and many, many more.

Our Vision: We Hike, We Care, We Plant, We Travel, We Care, We Bring Smile.

Mission: What’s best in traveling is not the views but how the locals see how respectful you are in their territory.

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