Organiser/Founder’s Message

We are a private group that originated on in 2012. We support organisations in Thailand in various initiatives, such as preserving the environment, animal advocacy, medical charity, arts and handicrafts, children’s causes, and fundraising and charity runs. We held and participated in weekend events because most of us work full-time. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, activities were stopped, and our partners changed their agenda and priorities when the lockdowns were completely dismissed in late 2022.

I have been the group’s organiser but was supported by many co-organisers in managing events. We discontinued our presence in Meetup, but we keep our community on Facebook to ensure everyone feels included. I am keeping this site to show my appreciation to all the generous volunteers who supported our events in Thailand in ten years.  All resources were contributed by participating volunteers as we do not have any sponsors to shoulder the cost of each events.

This site has been running since 2018 and serves as a story page for all our events and a living network offering volunteer opportunities for people new to the country, presently, to both in Thailand and the Philippines. This volunteer group network short- and long-term volunteering opportunities, free and at a cost. Thus, we and the organisations we support in the network, do not offer visas to participating foreign volunteers, but we suggest a bigger organisation to help secure your stay while volunteering.  Please try your luck, but we do not guarantee.

This community continues its advocacy, and we extend our efforts to the Philippines to promote volunteering. You may contact us on this page if you are interested in volunteering participation and collaboration.

Let’s keep and create rich experiences as we make good friends, give back, and earn many unique and beautiful stories we carry into our hearts. Your contribution, no matter how small, can significantly impact the lives of those we support and advocate, including the environment we need to protect. 

Keep living, keep giving. Let there be love.


Bangkok Volunteers