“We are a diverse network of volunteers – A community of passionate individuals dedicating our time, resources, effort, and skills to serve humanity, environment, and animal welfare”.

Formed on 19 August 2012

1. We are a group of private individuals who support organizations (charities, foundations) but we are NOT an organization.

2. Our activities vary from English/arts mentoring, supporting animal shelters, environment conservation/ preservation, recycling notebooks, building clay houses, and empowering orphans. Volunteer trips outside Bangkok are scheduled only on weekends as most of us are working full-time.

3. Working full-time meaning we work for companies, schools/universities, government, and other business entities and not to any organizations that we support.

4. We do not recruit volunteers from overseas.

5. Since we are just a small community of private individuals, we do not sponsor visas or offer any kind of job employment in Thailand. We can only share the vacancy posting(s) from other organizations or foundations. We do NOT have sponsorship from private companies, all resources come from each volunteer who participates in the events.

6. The organizations we support offer one or sometimes two-day volunteering activity that falls on weekends only (Saturday or Sunday) and not long term. They don’t offer free accommodations.

7. Any information or links stated in this site are provided only for your convenience and we accept no responsibility whatsoever, or liable for any damage it may cause as consequences if used by anyone.

8. Only volunteers age 20+ of all nationalities are allowed to join the trips otherwise bringing a guardian(s) is a requirement.

9. This is a Non-Sectarian volunteer group. We DO NOT promote religion, gender-based groups, or anything political in our events.

10. We only organize Volunteering trips. We are not a travel meetup group and does not work with any travel agencies here in Thailand or abroad.

11. We can give assistance to any fundraising/crowdfunding activities initiated by the organizations we support but we’re not in the position to create our own. Please read #1

12. We require the participant’s full name to secure their insurance for every volunteer trip. We also hire a registered travel agency’s van for our charity trips.

13. Participating events are supported by professionals and experienced people like divers, forest rangers, doctors/nurses, park caretakers, etc, and supervise volunteers’ safety on the entire activity.

14. Bangkok Volunteers is a community where you can learn, travel, contribute your skills, and meet like-minded people who share the same interest in giving back to society. It can also be a place where you can practice your English language, a weekend adventure platform, or a social arena to make friends.

15. We have discrete guidelines in our working group platform in Meetup.com limiting the membership only to those who participated in our events, and to those who are prying in our scheduled activities yet still reluctant to join. We remove non-participating and dormant members for at least six months. Nonetheless, we still thank them for joining.

But most importantly, this community is all about HELPING, EMPOWERING & FUN!!