" A diverse network of volunteers in Thailand"

A community of passionate individuals dedicating our time, resources, effort and skills to be in service to others

The Community

We are a diverse network of volunteers incepted in a popular social site Meetup.com , participating on events hosted by organizations supporting human interest, environment and animals welfare,

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Upcoming Events

The 16th Cob Shelter Building w/ Baandinthai

Wildlife sanctuaries that exist in Thailand are like houses of wildlife animals. And the Forest Protection Unit in Mae Nam Pa Chi is like a checkpoint to take care and protect wild animals from hunters and those who want to hunt. The Forest Protection Unit are scattered around the conservation forest.

June 2019 Calendar

Previous Events

2 Billion Kilometers to Safety – Charity Run UNHCR

The Charity Run will be organized on 16 June to coincide with World Refugee Day which falls on 20 June every year. All proceeds from the Charity Run will go to help UNHCR make a difference to the lives of refugees, especially women and children.