" A diverse network of volunteers in Thailand"

A community of passionate individuals dedicating our time, resources, effort and skills to be in service of others

The Community

We are a diverse network of volunteers incepted in a popular social site Meetup.com , participating on events hosted by organizations supporting human interest, environment and animals welfare,

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Upcoming Events

The 9th Mangrove Restoration with Baandinthai

BaanDinThai organize the 1 day voluntary activity for general people in the “Ecology Learning, Mangrove Reforestation in Samut Songkhram estuary” in one day.

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Previous Events

Change A Life Project – Bands Exercise XXI

An initiative started by an Dr. Ajarn Maytee Thammawattana benefiting elderly people/monks and a physical therapy for patients. It has 19 models and servs the elderly people in nursing home and ischemic patients with problems with their legs, shoulders, arms, hands and fingers.