" A diverse network of volunteers in Thailand"

A community of passionate individuals dedicating our time, resources, effort and skills to be in service to others

The Community

We are a diverse network of volunteers incepted in a popular social site Meetup.com , participating on events hosted by organizations supporting human interest, environment and animals welfare,

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Upcoming Events

Coral Reef Restoration (Part 15) with Baandinthai

Now in its improving popularity (with several postponements/cancellations) but still less engaging and eco-tourism nature of volunteering, the learning and awareness about the effects of global warming and human greed to our coral reefs shouldn’t stop.

August 2019 Calendar

Previous Events

The 47th Fold Notebook Making with Paper Ranger

Turning one man’s trash into another man’s treasure… this project is working under The Foundation of Thai Rural Reconstruction Movement since 2007. Paper Ranger is a group of Super Heroes that come to save the world via the process of using paper (especially A4) efficiently. We try to make full use of both side of the A4 paper, as we know about the human behavior that most of people use only one-side-A4 paper.