" A diverse network of volunteers in Thailand"

A community of passionate individuals dedicating our time, resources, effort and skills to be in service of others

The Community

We are a diverse network of volunteers incepted in a popular social site Meetup.com , participating on events hosted by organizations supporting human interest, environment and animals welfare,

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STAY HOME – Volunteer Break

We all hope that everyone in this community is complying with the latest ordinance from the Thai government of staying home and social distancing practices. The amount of COVID-19 infection mainly in the capital, Bangkok, has increased tremendously these past few days and reflected mostly on people under 60 years of age. We request you to STAY HOME.


Previous Events

The 4th Coastal Conservation sea turtles home + beach cleaning w/ Baandinthai

To preserve the existence of Thai sea turtles, Royal Thai Navy set up the Sea Turtle Conservation Center back in 1950 to raise them safely before returning them to the natural life. Every year, there are several thousand of sea turtles returned to the nature.

Volunteer Media

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Bring the Elephant Home

Elephants are struggling for their survival in many parts of the world. As a direct...